Friday, August 17, 2012


We could be mean. We won't be.

GDF brought this athletics department from a mid-tier conference and made it a legitimate part of the landscape of college sports in more than one program. He fought an entire state (albeit a kind of useless one, but my thoughts on Connecticut really should be left out of this). He brought us to the ACC and saved us from the conference wars - or perhaps even started them by protecting BC.

We thank him for what he's done, he's given us a peek at what something great looks like. Let's hope his successor can continue us in the general upward direction.

The official statement from BC:

My wife Anne and I have been discussing this decision for some time and we agree that this is the right time for me to retire," DeFilippo said. "It is also the right time for Boston College to have new leadership in the athletics director's position. In light of my recent bout with melanoma, which is treatable, this decision became clearer to me this summer. After the intensity of 40 years of intercollegiate athletics, this change will enable me to spend more time with Anne, my three children, and our granddaughter, Katherine. I look forward to this next stage of my personal and professional life.

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