Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It's been tossed around a bit in the boards, the Twitter and the BC blogosphere, but it is still a valid question. While we all assume that Spaz is almost definitely in his last season as BC's head coach, there has to be at least a few random scenarios out there in which he can be saved.

No matter what it comes down to, though, it will involve distance.

...distancing himself from GDF's departure and the last few year's of Coach Flip's tenure, doing what he can to make it look like he isn't on a leash held by Gene.

...having key players, like Rettig, the receiving corps and the defensive line, stay healthy and making it the distance of the entire season. Don't forget, Spaz has played the injury excuse card a lot in the last years - if he actually has a healthy team, could he do what he claims?

...putting up some offensive yards that actually look like a legitimate amount of ground has been covered. If last year's pitiful numbers are not far off in the distance, things will not be looking good.

...going the distance and finishing out the season in a positive way - which he is oddly setup for. Don't forget, the schedule is backloaded this year, with 4 of the first 6 games as very winnable and a likely opposite ratio in the second half. If he can pick up one win in November (with rival games with ND and VT at home and a trip to TOBy at NC State), we're looking at a bowl. Seriously.

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