Thursday, August 30, 2012


Oh, that's right, this feature won't die. With Labor Day weekend, though, you don't have to skimp on the tailgating on Saturday to get lots of other football in. Let's review some options, shall we?

All times Eastern because we're biased.

South Carolina at Vanderbilt (Thursday, 7pm, ESPN): What, you aren't going to watch the first game of the season? Who cares who's playing! Although, the Ol' Ball Coach obviously has a team on his hands that doesn't want to see Georgia win the East, and Vanderbilt only needs to topple the 'Dawgs and the Gamecocks in the season to make the SEC title game since they miss 'Bama and LSU. One more reason to watch? Vandy gets Northwestern in week two, so the comparison of the comparison will be interesting for BC's future schedule.

Navy vs Notre Dame in Dublin (Saturday, 8am, CBS): If you have any eligibility and played cornerback, please report to Coach Brian Kelly's office. You must be willing to wear ridiculous shoes and/or leftover Rhone Fire jerseys. The potential schadenfreude of Notre Dame losing to Navy again, in Ireland, is just too much for me not to want to see. Plus, it coincides with final preparations for tailgating.

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (Monday, 8pm, ESPN): Two opponents for later in the year, Labor Day weekend. The Hokies have proved everything, just about, since joining the ACC and have become ol' reliable that they'll be strong. GT is a little more interesting this year - and stand to be a very different team than anyone else BC faces. It's the ACC on Labor Day night - without the ridiculous Maryland uniforms from last year.

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