Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Quick manifesto:

Everyone needs a voice, and as the BC blogosphere has awesomely grown in the last six or so years that we've started and stopped writing, we want to make sure it's clear what ours is.
  • We're not here to take things seriously. That's boring.
  • We plan to overanalyze the details, probably to the point that it isn't fun anymore except for us.
  • We don't really feel like writing the same story as anyone else. We want to look at it from the other angles that may be either inspired or uninspired, depending on your attitude.
  • We don't care about StubHub or Groupon. Until we run an athletic department, we're going to try and cut them a few breaks. Also, everyone knows that you make money on concessions, not tickets, right? It's not like an airplane flying with empty seats.
  • We're team players - there are smarter people in the BC blogosphere when it comes to football, basketball and hockey, those with better sources and who pay more attention to aspects we don't care about like recruiting. 
  • We're going to make fun of stuff.
  • We're sarcastic.
Enjoy. It's going to be a wildly inappropriate blog season.

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