Monday, November 26, 2012


If you're going to pick a day to lose to Bryant in hoops, the day that the BC fan base gets the four-year-old gift it has been dying for is a pretty good day to do it. Barring an announcement of a new coach in football soon, though, it won't be long before attention turns back to what has happened in the early parts of Donahue's third season on the Heights.

How much time does the Don get? Three seasons? Four seasons? BC was one of the first teams out of the NCAA in season number one, but there were seven seniors on that team (plus Reggie Jackson, who would leave early). There was no depth behind those players, and last season, it shouldn't have been surprising that the team didn't have their act together. They were young - 9 freshmen! - and inexperienced.

Next year, the expectations can change, but this year, we really have to treat it like Donahue's second season. He's starting a mostly green lineup, but I do like the starting five, even if they are all underclassmen. Olivier Hanlan looks solid, and the healthy Ryan Anderson we saw at the beginning of the season could be a beast. There still isn't much down the bench to spell these guys, but it will get better.

So put the pitchforks away, and let's just spend one season not calling for a coach's head. Ok? We've done that enough for a lifetime courtesy of the football program and I think we could all use a break.

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