Friday, December 28, 2012


We're back to where we started: watching bowls, wishing we were playing.

The official schedule is months away, but just like last year, it's time to play with 'what we can imagine' and 'what's been announced' to conjure up a BC football schedule.

Hang on to your hats. Here. We. Go.

Known Entities
  • BC opens against Stony Brook over Labor Day weekend
  • BC hits the road to head to USC on 9/14
  • BC hosts Army on 10/5
  • At some point in the fall, BC will definitely play a non-conference game against New Mexico State
  • BC gets two byes since there are 14 weeks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, at some point, too
Known ACC Games and Locations (In Theory)
  • BC will play Wake, NC State and Florida State at home
  • BC will play Maryland, Clemson, Virginia Tech on the road
A Question That Hasn't Been Answered
  • BC has to have one home game and one away game between a Coastal Opponent and Syracuse. IF the capsule remains together, it would be Georgia Tech at home, and Syracuse on the road. 
The Mad Lib (All Caps Are Confirmed)

9/7: Open
9/14: @USC
9/21: Open
9/28: Open
10/5: ARMY
10/12: Open
10/19: Open
10/26: Open
11/2: Open
11/9: Open
11/16: Open
11/23: Open
Thanksgiving Weekend (11/28-11/30): Open

  • BC has yet to announce Parents Weekend BUT it has been the last weekend of September since, well, as long as we can remember. Parents Weekend = Likely Squishy Opponent if possible. If not, bloodbath against Clemson. 
  • BC has not played out on the west coast on the regular season in awhile
  • If the new ACC contract immediately goes into effect, BC would be involved in at least *one* Friday night game this year. The language is squishy and it could be read that BC or Syracuse will not only be involved in Friday night games, but definitely be hosting one or the other. 
Completely Arbitrary Guesses That Mean Nothing And Likely Has Errors/Double Bookings:

9/7: Bye
9/14: @ USC
9/21: @ Clemson 
9/28: New Mexico State
10/5: ARMY
10/12: vs Florida State
10/19: vs Coastal (GT or Pitt)
10/26: @ Maryland
11/1: vs Wake (Fri)
11/9: @ Virginia Tech
11/16: NC State
11/23: Bye
Thanksgiving Weekend (11/28-11/30): @ Syracuse (Friday p.m.)

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