Monday, January 7, 2013


There's been an interesting divide in this BC corner of the college football blogosphere. You see, not to call out anyone, but you wouldn't be shocked to know that the majority of the BC bloggers are generally recent grads, certainly all of us are post-Flutie.

The board posters, a few of the elder statesmen among the commenters, they do skew a little older.

And to all of you, I need to remind you of one thing: No. You can't cheer for Notre Dame tonight.

There is no conference supremacy argument, they're joining the ACC in the same way a teenager is having meaningful intercourse on prom night. You don't need to say they were the childhood team on which you were raised - you can cheer against them one day a year when we play, but think it's fine the rest of the year?

When a rival plays, you support their opponent. And trust me, they are our rivals, especially in the last two decades. Not every now and then. Always.

You don't want them to win the National Championship. You hope your daughters don't date their grads and you generally find every possible reason to associate them with the worst things in the world.

Don't ease up now.



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