Friday, August 30, 2013


Earlier this week in our Lows preview, we kind of gave a glimpse of where we think things would net out. The question isn't just the wins and losses in the Lows preview, it's about the future of what happens in the worst case scenario. Maybe that chalks this entire season up to Moral Losses and Victories, but that's actually ok given that emotion is better than apathy.

Fact is, for the final record in the Heights Preview before you, we're still looking at the games the same way. There are the wins, the potential, the surprises and the yes-if-I've-been-drinking-heavily:

Those four potential wins, could each of them end up in the positive? Absolutely. I have no doubt that the seniors on offense could win one of those games on their own, and other role players stepping up in various ways are why I consider those four games lean-wins.

Could we compound on that and beat VT and UNC and go 9-3? If every bounce goes our way, it isn't ridiculous. Yes, we'd need a lot of luck multiple times over to make it happen. But, if we can win in Chapel Hill, I don't think this coach is the anti-motivator that we're used to that would put us at risk in College Park or Raleigh. Could we knock off VT at home late in the season? We know that they are at injury risk, and if the team puts it together with momentum, maybe, just maybe, the season ends and all of those Ws go the right way. We're bowling, and because we're BC, we won't be bowling in style - but, heck son, you got a present and it isn't coal.

But here's the real top of the Heights for the 2013 BC football season: the overall joy of BC football returning and surpassing anything we've grown used to. Yes, file this in "it doesn't matter" and click close on the tab and walk away and say we're not blogging about sports. 

If you're still with me, let's talk about that other stuff and why it matters for the success of the season. Crazy jerseys are going to probably happen, because Under Armour still has a business. Live Eagles are bad ass and induce capital letters in writing about them. The legacy of the school now joining into the Eagle Walk is effin' brilliant. Hospitality tents may take business away from Cleveland Circle bars while putting more people on campus to have that last beer before they wander in to see said Eagle. Homecoming is an actual coming home for alumni (holy crap, what a concept). 

This is the stuff Bates asked us if we wanted, and it couldn't matter more. Just like the gamble of Addazio, his recruits, and more, these ideas need to work or else we're really in trouble. If they are embraced, it will mean the ultimate Moral Victory - that Saturdays at Chestnut Hill are special.

Yeah, wins will, too. Sure. No one wants to celebrate a loss, as the wise Van Wilder said. But the best case scenario this year isn't just 9-3. It's 9-3 and a list of people who want season tickets for the 2014 season...which just so happens to be the single greatest home schedule that I think BC could ask for that doesn't include Notre Dame (reminder, in 2014, BC will be hosting USC, old Big East rivals Pitt and Syracuse, Clemson, likely 2013 BCS team Louisville, local 1AA URI and has a nearby tilt at Gilette with UMass).

If these gameday improvements work to get people enjoying campus...

If we generally have a good time rooting for this team again because they are showing they care...

If bloggers like us aren't existential about empty bleachers as the NC State game ends...

Those things will signal success, because only then will we know that we've achieved an amazing turnaround that will never be reflected in the fact that we'll double or triple our win total from last year. 

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