Thursday, September 26, 2013


Like moths to a flame, this PETA-against-Eagle thing is just too much for reporters to handle in the pun department. That said, I would like to score the following posts based on their creativity or Boggle-skills on non-repeats.

Sam Gardner, Fox Sports
Buzz: PETA ruffled over BC eagle
Pun Count: 7
Biggest Crime: The literal spelling of "ill-eagle", like all of a sudden now he's aware of these horrible puns.

Galen Moore, Boston Business Journal
PETA vs. Boston College in flap over eagle mascot
Pun Count: 2
Biggest Crime: Small sample size, so we're going with the headline usage of "flap"

Metro Desk, Boston Globe
PETA in flap over BC’s eagle mascot
Pun Count: 4
Biggest Crime: Calling attendance at Alumni Stadium "Cruel and Unusual". Spaz is gone, guys.

"Flap" and "Ruffling" were used far too often, gang. Get it together.

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