Saturday, September 7, 2013


The BC-Wake game last night was the exact type of snoozer I like. Defensive, clock chugging and the offensive line making ball control the game. I missed not hating my team and, you know what, if you get 200 yards running mainly up the middle? Eat it, Addazio haters, it works.

But it worked for really one important reason: Jim Grobe over coached the end of the first half. BC was in a miraculous position because Wake wasted the opening kick-off when BC broke up the pitch and Amidon went house on a beautiful screen play. When the Deacons blocked the punt as the clock was getting narrower and narrower in the second quarter, it seemed that the lead may get cut and BC wouldn't be comfortable in the new half, momentum swinging with it.

...but then Grobe calls his last time out of the first after second down on the one yard line, with 17 seconds to go before halftime. Too much time to kick the field goal on third, it was pointed out that the Deacons were lining up to pass and make a play for the end zone twice in the next two plays. Tanner Price misses Jared Crump, BC stuffs Wake on fourth down and not only maintains the 10 point lead, but started on the ball in the second.

When it's a two score game and you don't get the ball, you go to keep it close. Any momentum chip could have been huge there but Grobe made an error that really solidified the direction of the game. It gave BC's defense additional confidence, and a unit that needed some came out with even more fire in the second half. How about this for a stat: Wake Forest total offense in the third quarter was 12 plays, 20 yards, 7 minutes and change on the clock, two punts. 

Let's keep praising the defense, but remember that Grobe's mistake will be bigger than we remember. He's no Lane Kiffin, either.

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