Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's easy to like the Murphy transfer because of the QB situation. I'm much more optimistic about what it means for the years beyond in Darius Wade et al's careers.

Next year was looking bleak, with about a 6-win ceiling based on the schedule really no matter what happens. A few more pieces in the offense helps, sure, make that target possible. More importantly, though, Murphy sets us up for the future.

It's a combination of a more balanced quarterback option with a style-back, and an Offensive Line needing to learn a little bit more mobility than just "make room for Williams". This move will help Wade, Willis, Outlow and more in the years to come because it will transition us a year early.

Bornder? With a grand total of 8 pass attempts and 24 rushes in three seasons, the guy who's completion percentage goes up by 12.5 % if you factor in ones caught by other teams, well, we hardly even knew 'em.

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