Tuesday, June 10, 2014


With the first orientation in the books, it's official: we know the Superfan Slogan for the Class of 2018

Ever Rising to New Heights

As always, it is time to turn back to the rankings to slot our new slogan into the lineup - this marking the 17th slogan for those counting at home. As an important point, the first slogan with a class designation was handed out in 1999 to the class of 2003 (Go Eagles!) - Whatever it Takes was the original bookstore handout, not a class designee.

By the nature of the math, we are, at the earliest, five to seven years away from Superfan generation two  (a 2003 grad is still quite a few years from unloading an 18-year-old from his nest to the Heights').

Further as always, these rankings are not up for discussion.
  1. Fly Like an Eagle (2006)
  2. Eagles on the Warpath (2004) 
  3. Go Eagles (2003)
  4. Soaring to Glory (2008)
  5. Take it to the Heights (2007)
  6. Ever Rising to New Heights (2018)
  7. Carry the Torch. Light the Way. (2017)
  8. Whatever It Takes (N/A)
  9. Always Believe in BC (2005)
  10. Many Hearts, One Tradition (2016)
  11. Eagles Take Action (2010)
  12. Building Character, Becoming Champions (2015)
  13. Talons of Fury...Get Ready (2009)
  14. On the Hunt for Excellence (2012) 
  15. Ignite the Heights With Spirit and Truth (2014)
  16. For Here All Are One (2011)
  17. Honoring the Legacy, Pursuing Greatness, the Sesquicentennial Class of 2013 (2013)
No, they aren't getting better, I'm just getting nicer in old age. I do like the line up with the 2007 slogan, though.

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