Sunday, March 13, 2016


You've read the Globe piece; if you're here, I'm assuming we've all read the Globe piece. I don't even have to link to it.

There have been follow-ups, there have been additional stories or stats or the whatnot. Here are the fundamental truths.

  • BC going to the ACC was the best decision for the school, and even as bad as things are right now, the ACC would probably still make that move. VT regionally made sense, Miami was a brand - but BC was the first domino in putting revenue ahead of logic. Sorry Syracuse and UConn, but there is a reason BC was courted.
    • Subpoint - An abysmal Rutgers program going to the Big Ten amid a dying Big East; the market mattered too much whether or not the product was worth it. Again, suck it UConn.
  • BC started strong in its first few years, and it's easy to applaud TOB, Skinner or Jags (pick your favorite), but the fact is that luck played a big part. 
    • BC's Matt Ryan TOB/Jag years involved so many golden horseshoe moments that BC has regularly lost in the last three or four seasons (The Kiwi-UVA game; Wake in the rain; VT; Clemson) - think of any missed field goal/last drive losses BC had in football since 2012. Cry into your Busch Light - there's at least 7 or 8 wins, including a bowl game, in that ballpark.
    • Skinner had some rough late years but had as many successes as failures in his recruits, keeping them from a tourney victory since 2007 (RJax never got the chance because the committee is annoying)
    • The conference bounced back - FSU came back, most notably - and Duke/UNC are now joined by Cuse, ND and Louisville in hoops. Where did people think wins would come from?
And now the big one, from my eyes:

The Administration realized that it could make as much (more?) money losing than being competitive. 

They are pulling a Producers. The safe choices - and no matter how much I personally like some of them as people - aren't aggressive enough to indicate momentum. The "Plan" for the new facilities? Long off and far from funded. The cut of the conference revenue sharing from bowls and TV is the same whether or not you post a W. It's not a scam, it's a reality.

The only solution is a new direction and that isn't going to happen because of some spilled ink. We find out more in the days, weeks, months. I'll go on the record with an early 8-4 prediction for football - they will be better, but luck has to bounce back, too. Until then, it's just a long winter as it's springtime for just about everyone else.

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